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The first and the highest high-rise buildings on water pillow foundations, with a swimming pool in the penthouse. With A-Z Architektouren you not only see the Frankfurt Skyline, but you walk alongside it, experience it firsthand as it is explained by A-Z Architektouren.
We offer guided tours in Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main-Area, including facts, stories and background information.
We focus on modern architecture but we also offer information about historic buildings and historical connections.

A-Z Architektouren offers both background information and architectural theory for experts, from the slightly different ‘architect-tour’ as an addition to one’s business-stay to the ‘architecture-walks’ that are for everybody.

We put together individual tours about special issues, according to your interest in architecture or urban design.
We offer guided tours that last for several hours as well as excursions that extend for several days.

Keywords of our offers

  • Various tour proposals – high-rise buildings, museums, housing areas of interest
  • Advice for the planning of your excursion – sights, background information
  • Organization of transportation – Bus, tramway, subway, boat, bike
  • Accommodation – city-hotels, cozy inns
  • Food – ‘Bratwurst’, traditional cider-pubs, dining with skyline-view
  • Guided tours – city, museums, buildings
  • Excursion-reader – memories and reference-book